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"I Just got my Dark Walnut Platform bed and it is absolutely Jaw-dropping, its Perfect!!! You were right, the pics on your website don't do any justice. It looks 10X better when its sitting right in front of you. I found your website and fell in love with the bed from the great pictures on the site, then when it arrived I was shocked by how awesome it was.The craftsmanship is of the upmost. The Frame is rock solid. Some things you buy are nice and spendy but you can still feel a bit ripped off. Not this bed, I feel its worth way more than what I spent."
-S.S., Blaine, WA
"After doing alot of research on twin XL beds for our teenage son, we decided to purchase one of yours.The bed arrived so quickly and it was packed and cushioned like a fortress. It took more time taking the protective wrap off than it did setting up the bed and that's a good thing! The bed fits together like a beautiful puzzle. No hammer or screwdriver needed. You really don't even need to use the directions. This is one well-crafted piece of furniture!"
-R.B., Yardley, PA
"Just wanted to let you know I received the bed Christmas Eve and put it together, It's like a beautiful puzzle and well worth the money. In the future I will be looking to add on to the bed and I am happy that I have that option since I am not able to purchase more yet. This bed will last a few life times, well thought out on every angle for support that will give me years of use."
-T.W., New York, NY
"Received my bed much quicker that I thought I would. Great shipping and packaging. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The quality also exceeds my expectations. Very well designed and the wood is stunning. The bed was easy to put together. Great addition"
-B.E., Boise, ID
"We received our king-size tall tatami bed frame with headboard yesterday and put it together today. Wow... it was so easy to assemble and my husband and i both love how it looks. The craftmanship is amazing. It is like putting interlocking pieces of a puzzle together. Thank you for your great customer service and quick delivery to us. We are very satisfied with our purchase. We will definitely recommnend Tatami Room to our family and friends."
-M.R., Neveda City, CA
"Hi: I just had to tell you... This bed is absolutely beautiful! It is expertly crafted and stained and the picture does not do justice to the skill of the artisan. I LOVE it. The slat system is unequalled to that on other types of platform beds and the entire bed easy to construct. It also arrived on Saturday morning far earlier than aniticipated. What a surprise!!!
It was also extremely well packed for shipping and arrived without any damage to either the bed or the boxes and was superior to the packaging of any van line I've done business with. I would highly recommend your site and service to anyone interested in purchasing a quality product and safe, secure and reliable service on the web. Five stars to Tatami Room!!!"
-L.D., Nicholasville, KY
"I received the bed today and am very pleased. Great packaging; great workmanship; great design. It is precisely the way you showed the bed on the website and that is rarely the case these days. Thank you so much and I'm already pursuing your site again for future purchases. (a very happy Tatami ite ) :)"
-T.B., New Castle, DE
"I received my order about two weeks ago for a Tatami Platform Bed Frame - Dark Walnut and two night stands. Quite frankly, I was a bit skeptical ordering a piece of furniture from the internet, when one picks out furniture the first thing they want to do is feel it and scrutinize it very carefully and that is something that you just cannot do on the internet. I wanted to express my gratitude for this product. It is a beautiful, solid piece of furniture. I am positive that if you charged double the amount that you do, it would still be the customer who is getting the better deal. Even though this is a very simple piece of furniture, the craftsmanship addressed even the small details, I loved the staining of the bed slats. We have outfitted our new home with all new furniture, my living room and dining rooms have not gotten nearly as many compliments as our bedroom has. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I wish your company great success."
-M.C., Birmingham, AL
"I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for my gorgeous bed. After I received it, along with my tables, I was ecstatic. You are indeed a company that believes in quality and customer service. Thanks again!"
-R.J., St. Petersburg, FL
"Just got my bed frame....Listen I understand how much of a pain I am as I shop online. I sent two beds back to other companies as they were not as advertised [particle board]. I realize that I am a hard customer to please. That being said....My new bed is spectacular! In addition if your customer support had not been as awsome as it was making the extra effort to follow up and reassure me FedEx could make the Home-Delivery at night or Saturday, I would not have made the purchase. Great work and thanks alot."
-A.N., New York, NY
"I received my bed just the other day, within a week of ordering, (that in itself is amazing.) I wanted to let you know it is simply beautiful and was packing so perfect. I loved how easy it was to put together and the tradition old way of pegs verse tons of screws. Ease and Grace is how I would described this bed in look and assembly. Thanks again!"
-M.J., Los Angeles, CA
"I received my Shoji Screen yesterday evening, and I just want to tell you that it's beautiful, and I absolutely love it! The picture on your website certainly doesn't do it justice. I loved the first one I ordered from you also, but this one is perfect--the design, colors, workmanship, etc. Perfect for meditation! Your service is great too. Thanks so much."
-C.V. , Sherman Oaks, CA
"thank you, screens arrived today. days before I expected them. they look great, and appear to be verywell made. thanks again."
-D.M., New York, NY
"Whooeee!!! You folks are AWESOME!! The screen arrived today. Please tell me who it was that took the order and did such a great job of expediting it. I'd like to thank them personally by email and/or video email. Boy I'm glad I found you! Please keep me updated on your products, etc. Thanks again,"
-L.M., South Beach, OR
"I just want to thank you. I don't make a habit of buying on the internet, and when I do it seems forever before it gets here, and it doesn't seem as nice as the picture lets on. With your company it has been different. I only ordered half of what I needed, and not only was I amazed at recieving it only three days after ordered, but it was even nicer then what I thought it would be. Thank you for caring enough to sell good product, at reasonable prices,and take care of your customers so well. From now on you're my first stop lamp shop. Thank you very much."
-E.M., Melbourne, FL
"The tatami mats arrived in great condition and they are beautiful. My Japanese builder and I nostalgically enjoyed the fresh tatami smell after they were unboxed. He is regretting not ordering a whole stack for himself at the same time.It was so easy ordering from you. I had been dealing with one of your competitors but because of slightly unusual shipping conditions was getting nowhere with them. After many emails back and forth, they ended by calling me a liar and I contacted you. One email and one 10 minute phone call later and my tatami mats were on their way. Too easy! Thank you so much."
-N.K., Alaska
"Thank you so much for the shipment. Everything arrived today! I am so pleased and everything looks wonderful ! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
-D.C., New York, NY

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